Jazz Music: Its Origin and Inventor


There are no records, reports, or researches that directly point to one person as the creator or inventor of jazz music. There are, however, several individuals (from the 1800s and 1900s) who played a significant part in its eventual creation. Most of the influencers of jazz music, though, were from the African American community of the United States.

Jazz Origins

There is no exact definition of the origins of jazz in the United States. It is indicated in some sources and articles, however, that it was the African slaves who first combined music with a different kind of instrument to create jazz. They used their music along with the violin and other European instruments to create a distinct sound of music.



They are not considered the creators and inventors of jazz music, but they are acknowledged as influencers. Ernest Hogan (1895) and Scott Joplin (1899) popularized ragtime music, which became the precursor to improvisation.