Port de La Lune values sharing. Also, we recognize and acknowledge that there are thousands of musically talented and gifted people in the world. Thus, our doors are open to everyone who wishes to make music a part of his life. We open our doors especially to those who want to follow our footsteps and take part in our advocacy of reaching out to people and promoting the wonders of music.

If you want to contribute any material that can make Port de La Lune more exciting, fun, and unique, you are free to do so. All that we will ask from you is to follow our guidelines for contributors.

Guidelines for Contributors

All the content you see on Port de La Lune is original. Every material, regardless of form and medium, is carefully checked for accuracy, originality, and quality. Likewise, we appreciate creativity, so we choose content that exhibits this. Our contributors are expected to:

1. Submit only original content. Guests or contributors should submit their work/s and not borrow or steal from any site. Whether it is a musical video or a written piece, it should be 100% original (except for the song being played or performed). All submissions should never have been published anywhere online or offline.

2. All contributions should be relevant to music and jazz music.

3. For written submissions, the right format should be followed: title, headers, sub-headers, and bullet points. Total number of words for every written piece should be between 300 and 500. All written contributions must be reviewed and edited first before submission.

4. Each contributor can submit one content per week. These submissions are subject to approval by Port de La Lune.

5. Videos should be of high audio and visual quality. Performances should be lived and not recorded or canned. Live shows or concerts are acceptable. We are not so strict with video length, but if possible, one visual piece should not exceed two hours. Video formats accepted: avi (audio video interleave), mkv (matroska), flv (flash video), wmv (Windows media video), asf (advanced systems format), and mov or qt (Apple QuickTime).

6, Contributors are not allowed to submit copyrighted video or music.

7. Contributors will be properly credited, so it is required for all submissions to include a brief “About Me” section.

All contributions must be submitted to  After review and approval, the contributor will be contacted for publishing information.

All contributors are encouraged to promote their works on Port de La Lune through posts on social media.