Comptoir du Jazz Bordeaux

Located in Rue de Paludate, Bordeaux, Comptoir du Jazz is an ideal hangout place for people who love cool jazz music – and any type of music. With its soft lights and relaxing atmosphere, the club provides a relaxing after work stopover, especially for those who spend most of the day coop up inside an office or work cubicle. Comptoir du Jazz is a musical paradise for anyone who loves to end his day with good live music.


Traditional Jazz Club

Although it looks quite modern and stylish, Comptoir du Jazz echoes everything that a traditional jazz club should be. It has leather armchairs, a bar, a small stage, a variety of photos on the all, and of course, cool jazz music. What makes the experience even more memorable is the good sound system. You can listen to the live music wherever you may be at the club; whether you’re seated in front of the stage or somewhere at the back of the club. However, the club also features other genres of music, such as funk, soul, and blues.

Good Music Equates to Good Food

The music is not the only thing that people love about Comptoir du Jazz. Many have also expressed their satisfaction in the dishes served at the club. Food is actually available courtesy of its next door neighbor, Port of Moon. So you can enjoy your food and relax while listening to good jazz music whenever you want to. Likewise, you’ll love the variety of drinks the club serves.

Commendable Service

Of course, all the good music and satisfying dishes will amount to nothing if the service is disappointing. Luckily, Comptoir du Jazz has a well-trained staff that caters to your needs and requests in the best way possible. Their service is excellent.

Comptoir du Jazz has been serving the people of Bordeaux since it opened its doors in 1997. The dynamic Michel Daroque leads its management team.