Music is the language of the heart. When you feel blue, you just listen to a tune or two, and you’ll feel completely new. When you’re happy, you stomp your feet, clap your hands, and sway with the music. Music is universal and knows no boundaries. Wherever you are in the world, music is there. Whatever language you speak, you’ll understand music.

This is what Port de la Lune Comptoir du Jazz is all about. It is about making music – good music. It is about playing music, sharing music, and loving every single moment of it.

Port de la Lune features mostly jazz music. This genre, which originated from New Orleans African American communities, is a powerful and creative art form. It follows a pattern, yet it allows you to experiment, to improvise and make your poetry. Yes, that’s what it is all about – poetry. Music – jazz music – is the poetry of sound. And this is what Port de La Lune wants you to know.

Everything that you need to know about music and jazz music, you will find here. Whether it’s the history of music you want to learn about or the origins of jazz music, this is the only place you should go to. We provide firsthand information because Port de La Lune was created and is managed by a musician. With the help of a prolific and music loving team, we introduce and re-introduce music and jazz to the people. We help people learn to love jazz.

Port de La Lune is your one-stop shop for all the information, advice, tips and tricks, and other fun what-not you need to know about music and jazz music.logo